Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Summary of What's new in .Net 6

On October 28, 2021, Jeff Fritz (Microsoft) presented “What’s new in .Net 6” to the Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group

A recording of that presentation is now available here on my YouTube Channel.

Listed below is a brief summary of the key points from that presentation.



  • Program.cs and startup.cs are the starting point files for all .Net applications
  • Program.cs no longer needs namespace and ‘Program’ class declaration.  All of that is now implied
  • Read-only records can now be created in C#.
  • “global using whatsNewinCSharp10;” can be specified in 1 file and it will apply to entire application
  • <ImplicitUsings>enable in ,CSPROJ will bring in namespaces need for the project’
  • Generated global using statements will be inserted in *.g.cs
  • ‘namespace whatsNewinCSharp10;’ without {} can be used at the top of the file
  • String interpolation is now available in constants (public const string myDateTime = $”{System.DateTime.Now.ToString()}”; )



  • 40-60% performance improvement in Blazor
  • Blazor apps to run as native apps
  • <PageTitle> and <HeadContent> can now be specified for each page
  • Ports in the URL are now randomly generated, no longer using Port 5000



.Net Release and LTS (Long Term Support) Schedule





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